Road Trippin'

Road Trippin'
Figure 8 , NC
Figure 8 , NC Our plan for the next five and a bit weeks is to zip around
the USA in our brand new (rented) chevy Impala, taking in as much as we can of
this great land (all of a sudden I’m feeling very patriotic). We’re cruising
through the south, a little stop in the big easy, Texas, route 66, Cali, the
northwest, big sky country, Boulder, Cha-town, the big apple and finishing up
in Huddleston, Virginia (where else?). Our posts will be much shorter for this
leg of the race as we are going to try and do one per state. Probably won’t
happen, but it’s nice to start out ambitious. North Carolina After collecting our wheels, which Joel instantly hated, we
headed down to Figure 8 island, where I spent many a happy days with my large extended
family. It is a small island off the coast of Wilmington and it is absolutely
gorgeous. I have travelled far and wide and still struggle to find a place as
close to paradise as this island in the Atlantic. On our drive down, Joel developed a bit more respect for our
‘Shirley Chevy’ (Joel’s decision, not mine). I think Joel and her might get
along after all. We arrived at 5pm, right at the end of an absolutely beautiful,
crystal clear day. We whiled the evening away catching up with my grandparents
and soaking in the tranquillity. My grandmother prepared shrimp and grits for
Joel and it could not have been any more perfect. It was a real Southern feast.
Our plan was to head out the next day to make our way down to Myrtle Beach for a night before heading to Charleston, SC. My grandparents would not have a bar of it and insisted that we
stay on for an extra night even though they were heading back to VA. The day
was a perfect beach day and it was impossible to refuse. We topped up our tans,
went for a run, Joel went for a very cold swim in the ocean and then topped off
by a fantastic dinner. It really was a little slice of heaven. Joel even asked if we could just spend the next five weeks here. I certainly agreed with him, but South Carolina was a’callin’.


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