How to Pick your Travelling Companions

If you really want to get to know somebody in a hurry, go travelling with them. Travelling with someone for an extended period of time will give you the opportunity to see exactly who they are. They might be one of your best friends at home, but all semblance of civility will fade after a 24 hour bus ride or a nasty case of the runs. This is why it is so important to pick your travelling companions carefully. You would hate to have someone completely ruin your trip away.

Follow these 6 tips to find your perfect travelling buddy.

Eat at a restaurant with unusual cuisine.

Force these people out of their comfort zone a little bit. When they are presented with a menu that is completely alien to them, do they roll up their sleeves and try it or do they dig their heels in and demand to go somewhere else. If they are willing to give it a go, you have got yourself a good travelling buddy.

How do they cope with little sleep?

Have you ever been around this person when they have had to get up really early in the morning or function on little to no sleep? If they haven’t gotten enough sleep are they simply tired or do they turn into monsters? While travelling, you will probably be a tad sleep deprived at some point and you need to make sure that your partner in crime isn’t horrible to be around in this state.

Get lost together.

When people get lost, they become a little bit stressed. Does your potential travel mate scream and shout or do they look at it as an adventure?

Are they flexible?

Things change when you are travelling and you need to learn to adapt. Your plane might be late, which means you miss your connection or your hotel might be over booked. Does your candidate roll with the punches or do they scream and shout?

Do they have any habits that get on your nerves a little?

Do they chew with their mouth open? Pee on the toilet seat? You are going to be around this person for an extended period of time with little chance for escape. Any problem that you might have with them will be amplified 10 fold. Think long and hard about these before you embark on an extended journey with someone.

How are they when they are sick?

Many, many people get a bit sick when they travel. It might be a case of traveller’s belly, a cold or a hangover. When this person gets sick at home, do they whine and complain non-stop or do they deal with it and get on with their lives?

Travelling with a friend often times, either makes or breaks a trip. If you are well suited to each other then your bond will be strengthened immensely. If you are not well suited then you will probably have a horrible time and not speak to that person very much upon your return. Choose wisely.

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