New Years, New Cities and New Blisters

New Years, New Cities and New Blisters
Washington DC, DistrictofColumbia
Washington DC, DistrictofColumbia Hands down that has to be the wildest, craziest new years that I have ever had. Joel and I were at a very exclusive party with three wired super models. There was dancin’, drinking and general party antics, but unfortunately it all had to come to an end when 9:30 roled around and they had to go to bed. We didn’t want them to be cranky the next day.
After our new years with my nieces, Joel and I settled into a nice little routine at the lake. We ate entirely too much and never missed a cocktail hour. Mikey, we are still doing our BMX exercises. They have actually started to get harder. We climbed the Peaks of Otter on a freezing cold day and as I had promised Joel, it snowed. Not very much, but it was still beautiful. We had lunch at the Blue Mountain brewery, which is run by a friend of my brothers. Even though, Joel is not much of a beer drinker, we forged ahead and ordered a couple samplers of all of the beers on tap. The first one was a coffee-guiness type of number (We think they Joel’s dads recipie) and almost ruined it for Joel, but he managed to plow through and finish all 10 0f them. As Margaret always says “any port in a storm will do.”
On Thursday, we left the lake to begin the next part of our adventure. We hired a car and drove up to Baltimore for two days of touristy activities before we fly off to Mexico. We drove straight up to the national aquarium and let me tell you, don’t waste your money. We shelled out $50 to get in and that money would have provided more entertainment had we used to it to buy some grass seeds and watch them grow. We did manage to have a very loooong cocktail hour at the hotel bar to make it all better albiet an minor budget blowout.
The next day, we woke up with a cheap wine hangover and a bill of $120 from the night before. We haven’t quite got the hang of this budgeting thing yet. We took the train into DC to go see all of the sights and it was really amazing. We saw the Washington Monument, Smithsonian natural history museum, Lincoln memorial, White House and the Air and Space museum. There was so much to see in such a seemingly small bit of the city. I say seemingly, because Joel and I are now the proud owners of several massive blisters thanks to our 5 hours of sight seeing on foot. We did not follow the guide books advice to wear sensible walking shoes. We wore our brand new converses and they are now very officially broken in.
So two very exhausted travelers are now off for a bite to eat before an early night because tomorrow morning we are off to ….CANCUN!!!
Hasta luego amigos.

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