Copenhagen and the Search for Our Princess Mary

Copenhagen and the Search for Our Princess Mary
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark I’m just going to start by saying that we absolutely LOVED Copenhagen. The city itself is so beautiful and the people seemed to be so fun loving. Everywhere that we went we saw people lying out in the sun having beers with friends or just strolling up and down the beautiful streets and canals. I’m sure that in winter it might be a different story altogether, but this beautiful city certainly pulled out all the stops for us. Our hotel was right near the main train terminal, which was nice that we didn’t have to schlep our bags too far. Our hotel was very nice and futuristic, but small. Our shower resembled a star trek ‘beam me up Scotty’ pod and everything had its place. The Danish are efficient! We arrived in the afternoon, so we decided to head out for a little walk around to explore the city. The afternoon was truly spectacular. The sun was shining and there were people everywhere enjoying the good weather. We didn’t get too far as one of the many street side cafes called us in for a few welcome to Denmark beers. One thing that we saw in Copenhagen that really had us baffled was all of the party busses that we kept seeing. They ranged from busses to old trucks decorated with balloons and streamers filled to the brim with kids drinking and having a general good hoot. They would blare music and shout to people passing by all day. We found out that school had just broken up so we think that there might have been some sort of correlation but were not entirely sure. We really saw them everywhere. Our first day saw us walking down one of the main shopping streets in central Copenhagen. As we were walking, some lady in a pink shirt started belting out the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight. We thought that she was just a crazy busker so we started to move on. Then we noticed that more and more people started joining her in a long line singing in the street. It was a flash mob! They sang for a few minutes and as soon as the song finished, they all just put their coats back on and wandered off without saying a word. We continued on through the citadel and some lovely gardens close to the waterfront when we grew very hungry. It just so happened that there was a supermarket close buy that specialized in tapas and wine. We grabbed some supplies and headed for our first European picnic in the park. It was amazing. We finished off our walking tour of Copenhagen with an amble through the castle grounds. Once again, there were heaps of people lounging around the expansive grounds enjoying the sun. We capped off our stay in Copenhagen with some take away food and beers down by the water. Even though we were only there for a brief stay and we never found Princess Mary, Copenhagen really showed us a great time. It is a really magical city that we would recommend to anybody. We will definitely return soon.

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