Seattle, USA

Although Seattle is renowned for its incessantly dreary weather, grunge rock and as the home of Starbucks, it will surprise you with everything else that it has to offer. When the rain finally does clear though, you will be hard pressed to find a more stunning place on earth. 
Nestled in between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, water dominates the geography in Seattle. From almost anywhere in the city, you are afforded glimpses of the water. It is almost hypnotic and pulls your eyes towards it. Eventually, your feet follow and you find yourself at the legendary Pike Place market. It was made famous by the fish sellers at the front who keep up a constant shouting while hurling giant fish about. It is quite impressive to see. The market itself is home to a wide range of food, flowers and arts and crafts for the taking. You could spend hours wandering through the narrow aisles. 
Not far from the market place is Seattle’s most iconic structure, the Space Needle. A trip up to the top on a clear day will provide you with the most stunning views in the city. If it is clear enough you will be able to see the massive Mt. Rainier in the background looming over the city. 
As Seattle was the birth place of grunge music and has fostered a very vibrant local music scene for years, it is no wonder that the city boasts one of the most entertaining museums dedicated to contemporary music around. The Experience Music Project or EMP is wildly entertaining with a wide range of interactive exhibits that let you experiment with your own musical talents. You can try your hand at drumming, playing the guitar or mixing it up on some turntables. The true music fan will be blown away by the absurd amount of memorabilia that is on display from some of the most influential rockers of the last 50 years. Prepare to be blown away. 
Seattle is still home to a vibrant music scene and you will be astounded by the number of live bands that are on at any given time. The bars around Capitol Hill and Queen Anne are particularly well known for their extensive music culture. 
If you don’t let the weather get you down, Seattle can be a most amazing city to explore. In fact, the weather almost adds to the overall allure of the city. The low hanging clouds seem to hold in all of the energy that keeps the place buzzing.

Written by Joseph Ramsey for the Essential Destination

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