Bringing it Home in Bali

Bringing it Home in Bali
Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia Our final stop on our world tour was one that we have travelled to a few time before. Bali. It was the perfect finish to our year. Made even more perfect by the fact Jason, Craig, Lisa, Simon and Jono would also be there. Not to mention Ben, a friend of Craig and Jason’s who proved to be an absolute hoot. Craig was in charge of the booking of the villa and he certainly didn’t disappoint. Our four bedroom (actually we discovered a fifth bedroom around the back) villa with giant private pool was smack bang in the heart of Seminyak. Joseph and I were the last to arrive to find Lisa and a fully stocked villa courtesy of Jason. The evening was spent catching up with the gang. It had taken Joseph and I around 17 hours from Boracay to Bali so we were a little tuckered out. On our first day an executive decision was made to not leave the villa. The weather was sunning and the pool was the perfect temperature. By lunch time a cocktail making competition had started, I’d like to be able to tell you who had won but surprisingly I don’t recall. I can tell you we had well and truly slipped into full Bali relaxation mode. One of the things I love about Bali is the amazing food and delicious cocktails. Our days were spent by the pool, wandering out for a few spa treatments and ending the day with a tasty dinner. We went to three notable restaurants on this trip. Kunis, Slippery Stone and Mama San. We had been to Kunis on our last visit and the Japanese this time was just as delicious. Craig was in his element speaking in Japanese to the staff. Slippery Stone was a new restaurant recommended by Simon. It was a little out of Seminyak but worth the hike. The place had only been open for a few months and set in beautifully amongst a rice paddy field. The food was amazing as expected. It was the first time I had eaten a steak in a long time so I may be a little biased. But hands down the best meal I had was at Mama San. It’s kind of an Asian fusion restaurant. I hate that term, Asian fusion. I mean its Asian food, but what is it fused with? More Asian food? Nevertheless, it was incredible food in a kind of funky slash pretentious setting. The espresso martinis were the perfect end to the meal. Another Bali pastime was visiting the local gay bars, Mixwell and Bali Joes. They were conveniently located down the street from our villa and the perfect place for a dance after dinner. Lisa was a little disappointed with the clientele based on their sexual orientation and her need to find a husband. Craig, Ben, Simon and I partook in a little shirts off podium dancing to Gangnam Style, One Direction and We found dove in a soapless place to name but a few songs But it wasn’t all dingy gay bars and sweaty dancing. On Jono’s last day we headed down to the uber glamorous and equally fabulous beach club, Potato Head. Using Simon’s Bali connections to snagged two massive day beds. The ten of us relaxed and reclined working our way through the very extensive cocktail menu. There is a large infinity pool that appears to drop into the ocean. It definitely was the perfect place to watch the sun setting. In addition to the eating and drinking, spa treatments were also high on the agenda. I had the best massage of my life at a place called Jari Minari aka dancing fingers. It was 75 minutes of pure perfection…heaven (That’s for you Ben). They pulled out a few new massage manoeuvres that slipped me into a coma more than once. I have never been a massive mani pedi fan but for $10 it was rude not to have it done. Joseph disagreed after his manicure. His nails looked like they had been chewed off and his fingers bled. You can’t win them all. One of the best days we had was the day on the boat to Lembogan. Again, thanks to Simon and his Bali connections, we hired a boat to take us snorkelling and visit the beautiful island. It took about 45 minutes to get to the island which was the perfect amount of time to have a KiKi. The snorkelling was surprisingly good. There were plenty of colourful little fishes, it was a regular little Finding Nemo down there. Our day continued to improve with a smart game of celebrity surname, snatchy grabby and very nice lunch at The Beach Club on the other side of the island. And that really was how we spent our time at our final destination. Like I said before, it was the perfect ending to what has been an amazing year. UPDATE: Hi guys, Joel here. We’ve created a unique travel website designed to inspire your next destination. For a guide to Bali, check it out.


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