Boracay, The Philippines

Perhaps it is how long that it takes to reach this remote island that makes it so magical. The distance has kept the crowds rather small and at times you can count yourself one of the lucky few to be graced with the good fortune to find yourself in Boracay. The main street is paved in sand and could really just be an extension of the beach. This means that even though you leave the beach, you are never truly removed from the beach experience. Restaurants have all capitalised on this and dug their tables into the soft sand. Kicking off your shoes and digging your feet into the sand over dinner is a magical feeling.

Waking up in the morning, you are greeted by a slight sea breeze that ensures that it doesn’t get too unpleasantly hot. If it does though, nothing would make you feel better than a dip in some of the most beautiful water in the world. This blue is a shade that artists could spend years trying to create. No photo would ever do it justice. It really is that beautiful.

The island has been spared from much large scale development so it maintains the feeling of being a small village. It doesn’t take long to walk up and down the main street, but you will be astounded by the large number of cafes, restaurants and bars. You will be spoiled for choice in this magical slice of the Philippines.

There are a large number of water sports and activities that are on offer. You could try your hand at jet skiing, para-sailing, snorkeling or take a sailing trip around the islands. The sail boats are all traditional sailing catamarans and they are a spectacular way to see the island. You can stop off at a number of small beaches for a refreshing dip, drop anchor and snorkel amongst a myriad of colourful fish and enjoy a home cooked barbeque while overlooking the sea. It is well worth it.

The sunsets alone are enough to keep you on this island for an eternity. As the sun drops closer to the sea, the light show will leave you dazzled. Within a few days, you will feel any stress that you carry, magically melt away into the warm tropical waters.

Written by Joseph Ramsey for The Essential Destination 


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